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Konum: Concord
Biyografi: The design style adopts modern art elements, and adopts simple styles of expression, which are applied and modified to represent different styles. It is also derived from the design style of most manufacturers to cater to urban buildings.Decorative street light posts characterized by diversity, aesthetics, landscaping and decorative environment.

Product Details Of Decorative Street Light Posts
It can better adapt to environmental changes and user needs, style modeling, lamps can be carved and shaped, does not consume conventional energy, energy saving and pollution-free, and is welcomed in the lighting industry. Decorative street light posts, more decorative and aesthetic effects are needed. Design and production, classical and era combination, let decoration and lighting develop together, easy to use and install.
Number: JQF-E01
Product Title: Decorative street light posts
About Material:Stainless steel 201,304,316
Style:Decorative light pole
The Length Of The Pole:9m-12m
Wall thickness:2.5mm-3.0mm
Type: Single-arm&Double-arm
Pole Color: Color is sprayed according to customer needs
Shape: Integral shaped cone
Add: Guangdong, China(Mainland)
Brand Name: JINQIFA
1. Years of product design and development, professional technical production, high quality products
2. OEM welcome: We can produce any model of your design.
3. Our adherence to the “customer first, quality first” as its purpose, we can meet you need to order any.
4. When time is not tight, our shipping services offer the most cost-effective way to ship our goods around the world.
Product display of decorative street light posts:
Transport in production process:
More attention factors:
a. Product design, procurement plan
b. Useful Life: 15-25years
c. After-sale service: Respond quickly and professionally to your questions and answer your product questions.
d. Transportation channel:Express delivery is acceptable for small items, and shipping for larger items is practical.
e. Payment: T/T is the most common
f. CIF,DDU,EXW,DDP,FOB have a host of services to choose from.
Q: Is the product in stock? Where is the stock?
A: The stock of conventional products is available, and the stock is in the company workshop.
Q: Can you design the product according to my requirements?
A: Customization is okay but we will provide you with comprehensive suggestions based on the safety performance of the product and the use of the product.
Q: Why is the shape of the pole used to be tapered?
A: Because the tapered pole is durable, practical and aesthetic.
Q: Can the decorative street light posts be sprayed or sculpted?
A:Yes, we can paint according to the customer's needs and engrave according to the drawings.
Authorization guarantee
The company is located in the stainless steel city of Foshan City, Guangdong Province, with rapid development of urban transportation and convenient transportation. Our products have more than 10 years of experience in the R&D, design and production of the stainless steel industry. Product technology and craftsmanship, product design innovation, products are well received by domestic and foreign customers.Decorative Light Pole manufacturers

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