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Konum: http://www.yongjinloom.com/
Biyografi: Our History
Guangzhou Yong Jin Machinery Co., Ltd. is a dedicated manufacturer and supplier of jacquard needle loom machine with over 20 year experience on machine development, manufacture.
Our Factory
Yong Jin is located in Guangzhou, the economical center of Guangdong Province, with a professional team. Sound management system, senior technical team, advanced production equipment, strong production capacity, let us be one of the appointed manufacture for the world's top 500 enterprises.
Our Product
We specialize in the development and production of the Narrow Fabric Needle Loom Machine. The main products are jacquard loom(TNF series), needle loom(NF series) and Webbing Machine(V series).Equipped with frequency conversion system, simple operation, saving manpower and protecting yarn. The product features: efficient, stable and durable.
Product Application
Using to produce high quality, varied elastic and non-elastic belts, such as underwear elastic, ribbon, shoes belt in garment industry, laces, ribbon in gifts industry. The machine is with high adaptability and used wide and wide range.
Our Certificate
The products have got CE certification and other patent certification.
Production Equipment
The company has professional production equipment, large CNC machining centers, precision lathes, large vertical cars, gantry milling and other advanced equipment. Our company has a strong production capacity, The production of jacquard loom can reach more than 100 units per month.
Production Market
The products have been selling well throughout the country, and exported to the Middle Asia, Middle Asia, Middle East, European countries and American countries, also to the other countries and regions.
Our Service
We are closely followed by the needs of customers, to provide the most appropriate solution. Sets up a full range of professional inspection equipment. It strictly implements control and management to ensure products high quality from spare parts production, parts assembly, and whole machine commissioning. To provide you with quality products, as well as the most timely after-sales service.Pressure Roller price

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